Illustrations / 72 Seasons

    Illustrations based on the ancient Japanese calendar where the year is divided into 24 and therefore 72 separate seasons. Each one of these seasons lasts only about five days and the names of each season beautifully describe the small, delicate changes of nature that occur around us, day after day: “When Spring rain falls for the coming harvest season", “When the Summer heat starts”, "Fish emerge from the ice”, “Camelias bloom”, “Warm winds blow, first lotus blossoms, hawks learn to fly”...

    This is a visual research about form, colours, motifs in which you loose the sense of reality travelling and floating through this imaginary world.
    These illustrations are meant to be used for fashion, design, applied to architecture... they also become animations on which compose some music. This is a research project always in progress.

    when spring rain falls for the coming harvest season.

    when the summer heat starts

    Fish emerge from the ice

    Camellias bloom

    Warm winds blow, First lotus blossoms, Hawks learn to fly