A. Communication design consultancy

Identity, Branding, Packaging, Visual merchandising, Exhibit design and Archigrafia.

B. Master conferences

for students, graphic designers, designers, architects, marketers and influencers about different themes:

1. “Form comes from wonder”: how do you get inspiration?

2. Packaging: emotional and sustainable packaging.

3. Branding: how to create personalised, essential and integrated communication?

4. Archigrafia: communication design / graphic design within architecture.

5. Design brief: how to relate with graphic designers?

C. Workshops

Workshops about identity and packaging.

D. Online consultancy

Our clients are anywhere, we do also communicate online whenever we can’t meet physically.


Precious mix of Canadian and Japanese graphic designers meeting in Milan. Two cultures melting together half way, in Europe, with a wide open range of experience and ways of seeing things.
The graphic work of the studio grows through lightness and playful poetry, mixing feelings and visual moods into witty and keen compositions. Digging into the very essence of the question to create new and unexpected communication systems is the key of the research.

Ginette Caron, Canadian and now also Italian, graduated in Graphic Design at Concordia University in Montréal, her hometown, where she worked for a few years before moving to Italy. She lived in Bologna and Venice and then founded in Milan her own studio “Ginette Caron Communication Design”.
For twelve years, she worked with Pierluigi Cerri / Gregotti Associati International in Milan on total identity programs related mainly to art, Italian design and fashion industries.

Former in-house design director at Benetton Group and Prada Group, in more than thirty years, Ginette has worked on many aspects of graphic communication like identity, publishing, packaging, wayfinding, exhibit design and environmental graphics. Among her clients: Barilla, Bulgari, Fabriano Boutique, Ferragamo, Knoll, Moleskine, San Carlo, Swatch, TV5 and Vatican.
She was chosen as part of the team to design the multi-awarded Holy See (Vatican) Pavillion at Expo Milano 2015.
Her works have been published, exhibited and awarded internationally.
Speaker at international design conferences, she regularly takes part to international design juries.
Contract professor at IUAV-Istituto Universitario di Venezia from 2010 to 2015, she held workshops and lectures in Canadian, Chinese, French, Indian, Swiss, Tunisian and Turkish design universities.
She is on the advisory board of “Poster for Tomorrow”.

She has been elected by her peers, member at the “Royal Canadian Academy of Arts” and nominated “International Ambassador Canada 150” by the Minister of Canadian Heritage as Canada marked 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017.

Masami Moriyama is Japanese, born in Aichi; she worked for a long period in Osaka in advertising agencies before settling and freelancing in Milan in 2003. Her projects have been selected at the New York Festival and ADC Japan. She collaborates with the studio since more than 10 years. She is part of the DNA of the studio.


Grands Prix du Design, Montréal-Canada, 2018
WOLDA, Award of Excellence, 2017
BIE Bureau International des Expositions, First Prize – Paris, 2015
AWDA – AIAP Women in Design, Menzione d’Onore – Italy, 2015
AIAP Progetto Committenza Attestato di Qualità – Italy, 2015
Unione degli Artigiani Italiani, First Prize – Italy, 2015
IIID Award- Bronze Award in Didattics – Austria, 2015
XXIII Compasso d’Oro ADI, Menzione d’Onore – Italy, 2014
EdAwards Finalist – Greece, 2014
XXII Compasso d’Oro ADI, Menzione d’Onore – Italy, 2011
Fedrigoni Top Applications Award – Italy, 2009
Premio Architettura e Colore, 1°Prize – Italy, 2009
Red Dot Communication Design Award, Germany, 2008
Prix Intérieurs Ferdie – Canada, 2008
Graphis Logo Gold Award – USA, 2008
Art Directors Club NY Merit Award – USA, 2008
EdAwards Finalist – Greece, 2008
Primo Premio Architettura e Colore – Italy, 2008
Graphis Logo Gold Award – USA, 2008
Art Directors Club NY – USA, 2008
EdAwards Finalist – Greece, 2008
Intérieurs Ferdie, Canada, 2008, 2008, 2008
Eulda Logo Award – Italy, 2006, 2006, 2007
XX° Compasso d’Oro ADI, selection in Index – Italy, 2004


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Contract professor at
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IUAV Venice University- Master class, Italy, 2013-2014
IUAV Venice University- Bachelor degree Treviso, Italy, 2012-2013
IUAV Venice University- Bachelor degree Treviso, Italy, 2011-2012

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